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EMDC Network specialized sectors of activity.

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What makes EMDC Network different from others?

A variety of services in music and entertainment industry.

Music & Entertainment Network

Music & Entertainment Network

Protection and monetization of your content on YouTube.

Music & Entertainment Network

24 hour live chat support for our partners regarding any issues and information.

Music Network

Distribution of your music across more than 20 streaming platforms.

Music & Entertainment Network

Providing free legal help and advice from legal experts.

Music & Entertainment Network

Advertising campaigns of your content via social networks and our partners.

Music & Entertainment Network

Free graphic services, creation and editing of photos and videos of all formats.

Music Network

Reimbursement from radio and TV stations for artists and producers.

Music & Entertainment Network

Mediation between our partners and companies for product placement and sponsorship.

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What do our partners say about us?

„Trust and responsibility should be the virtues of any company or individual. You really showed me the meaning of those virtues, I look forward to our future collaboration, thank you for everything.”
Founder of Imperia | Artist
„Professional environment based on eloquence that provides security to each client. Thank you for everything!”
“Friends, people of trust and business partners all in one. Very satisfied with our cooperation and we will hopefully continue for many oncoming years.”
Founder of Imperia | Artist
„A huge honor to cooperate with companies which respect and take care of their clients and where clients always come first EMDC Network is that kind of company! Thank you very much and I hope we will continue to cooperate for a long time.”
“I sincerely thank you for the successful cooperation so far. Thank you for being there for me at all times, day and night, whenever I needed something. You take care of me like Bosko takes care of Rasema. Thanks again and I look forward to our long term cooperation.”
preuzmi (1)
“Thank you for turning your unique perspective into a vision we can all support and work towards. I am proud to be a part of this journey with you. A great deal of our success is due to your commitment, skill and hard work. I appreciate your time and all the things you do so everything can run smoothly”.


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